Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Training

The Course

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The confined space entry portion of this course covers the provincial OH&S requirements for Saskatchewan and Alberta as well as the industry best practices and definitions that are used and applied throughout western Canada.

A rescue portion can be added to the class by request.  The rescue portion of the course will have the participants become proficient in the use of rescue equipment and the planning involved to perform a successful confined space rescue.

The Classroom

The Classroom

The classroom is spacious, bright and climate controlled, with plenty of room for the practical portions of Energy Safety Canada and Fall Protection. Large whiteboards and big screen TV’s enhance the learning experience as well as displays of antique equipment and future prototypes.

Equipment for Confined Space Training

The Equipment

Students will be trained with modern, clean, certified equipment that is relevant to their specific work needs. Self-contained breathing apparatus are from Mine Safety Appliance Corporation and are the brand predominantly used in the oil, gas and mining industry. Respirator masks are cleaned on site as per manufacturer’s specifications after each use. Rescue tripods, davit arms, and winches are all certified annually. Gas monitors are functional and calibrated daily. Trinity Safety offers students the best equipment in Saskatchewan.

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