Safety Training

In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to prioritize the safety and well-being of our teams. Whether you are an individual seeking to expand your knowledge or an organization looking to strengthen its safety protocols, our comprehensive list of safety training and courses in Saskatoon is an excellent place to start.

ATV/UTV Safety

Helps students identify the risks involved in a variety of maneuvers with the particular piece of equipment they are using and how to manage that risk.

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Confined Space Entry and Rescue

Helps workers become aware of the hazards associated with confined space jobs.

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Fall Protection

Help employees understand the serious risk of injury when working at heights and covers all aspects of using fall protection equipment

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Fire Extinguisher

This course is a four-hour program that covers the basic types of fires and the chemistry involved in the extinguishment of those fires.

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First Aid/CPR

Red Cross First Aid / CPR Level C and AED. Prepare you to calmly and confidently handle emergency first aid scenarios.

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H2S Alive

Educate employees on the potential dangers of H2S, its properties, and the appropriate safety measures to prevent exposure and injury.

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Snowmobile Safety

Teaches safe snowmobile operation, covering vehicle knowledge, local laws, rider self-awareness, controls, terrain reading, and hill maneuvers.

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