Be informed

At work be sure to know your company safety programs, if you are unaware then speak up and ask to be shown how to safety navigate the workplace.  This is the 1st step toward safety, be informed, ask to take safety courses and get certified.  If your company doesnt have a safety program suggest they start one, hold monthly safety meetings with a representative from each department and bring concerns to the management.

This way everyone engages safety and has a voice to be heard and at the end of the day have a safer workplace.

If you need advice, Trinity Safety does consult or is always happy to have  cup of coffee to provide some advice.

First Aid Courses – Offered in Saskatoon and Regina

Our First Aid Training and  CPR training will prepare you to calmly and confidently handle emergency first aid scenarios.

Basic techniques for First Aid and CPR are delivered by Trinity’s experienced instructors in an environment that is fun, informative, and interactive.  You’ll learn about important lifestyle choices that help prevent illness and injury, and how to deal with unexpected accidents that may occur.

Trinity Safety & Training uses the Canadian Red Cross or the St. John Ambulance curriculum.  Our ‘in-house’ class follows the St. John Ambulance curriculum.  However, for private classes the choice is yours.  If you are unable to make it to our new training facility, call us today and book your next field training session.

The course length including the theory and practical session is approximately 16 hours.  This involves two – 8-hour classes.

All students who complete the course successfully will receive a personal wallet size Red Cross First Aid / CPR Certificate.

This course is available in both our Saskatoon and Regina locations.

First Aid Training / CPR Training

#remember Homboldt Broncos

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by the tragedy of the Homboldt Broncos.

Re-Newing your Safety Certificates

In today’s busy world, sometimes remembering the little things can be tricky.

Many of our clients need their safety certifications to stay in good standing with their employer so when safety tickets expire Trinity Safety and Training offers a e-mail reminder before this happens.

Providing our clients the opportunity to renew it before it expires, and with our easy On-Line Registration our clients can sign up for the next available course.

Trinity Safety even offers a discount for signing up On-Line and pre-paying!


Register On-Line for our Safety Courses

Register On – Line then Pre-Pay and you get $10 OFF the course!

Workplace Safety Article

Here is a great article on the importance of workplace safety.

Safety in Saskatchewan

Trinity Safety and Training is proud to provide safety training to local business’s and beyond, to get an idea of all the companies we work with check out our website.

Fire Extinguisher Certification

This class is a four-hour program that covers the basic types of fires and the chemistry involved in the extinguishment of those fires.

The fire extinguishers that students will use at Trinity Safety are current, relevant and functional. Participants will have classroom time and then use equipment in a safe warehouse on our fire simulator.

The students will be trained how to inspect and use a handheld fire extinguisher on a live fire system. Upon the successful completion of the course, the student will receive a wallet certificate.

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Everyone in the workplace should be educated on the safety requirements, a workplace safety program can reduce or eliminate injuries and illnesses from happening in the workplace.

– Always keep the communication lines open with your co-workers, employers, or employees in order to encourage a safe environment.

– Notify co-workers and management of any hazards that you see.

– Be aware of what others are doing around you, and do your best to ensure your not a hazard to them or them to you.

– Employers, make sure you invite and involve your employees in safety meetings; obtaining their insight may bring to light safety issues that have not been noticed, give and take suggestions so everyone feels empowered to make safety cart of the workplace culture, and make sure you effectively communicate everything to ensure that everyone is on the same page.