Hiking Safety

Prevention of  Hiking Injuries

There are a number of common injures while hiking on the trails that can be easily avoided:

  • Sprained or Twisted Ankles. Uneven terrain can surprise you, leading to ankle damage. Wearing proper shoes and being aware of the trail can prevent these injuries, watch your step!
  • Minor Injuries. Scratches and scrapes can happen while off the beaten path. Have a basic first aid kit, and make sure it includes things like antiseptic wipes and bandages.
  • Insect or Wildlife Related Injuries. Insects and wildlife are a part of the great outdoors, be sure to wear bug spray and try to avoid irritating any wild animals while you’re hiking. If injuries happen, seek medical attention immediately.
  • Back Injuries can happen if you have an improperly balanced backpack or one that is too heavy. Which can lead to back pain and injury. Walking hunched over because your pack is too heavy can contribute to spine issues. Try to spread the load between all the hikers, or, if that isn’t an option only take what you really need for the hike.

Be safe, have fun and remember to stop and enjoy your surroundings from time to time.