Driving in the winter

Winter driving can be tricky when conditions are snowy or icy, If road conditions are poor consider making different travel arrangements or putting off your trip until conditions are better.

Here are some steps to keep yourself safe and collision free during the winter:

Make sure that your vehicle is prepared for winter driving like having winter tires are a good option, as they will provide greater traction under snowy or icy conditions. Be sure to keep a snow brush/scraper in your car, along with possible emergency items such as a lightweight shovel, battery jumper cables, and a flashlight. Before you drive away make sure that mirrors, windows, and the top of your vehicle, are free of snow or frost before getting onto the road.

Drive smoothly and slowly, in other words don’t make any abrupt turns or stops when driving by doing this you could cause your vehicle to lose control and skid. Drive in control at appropriate speed. Be sure not to tail gate as the vehicle ahead of you could stop suddenly and if it is icy you may not be able to stop in time.